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Notices. Update. Hopes.

I know many of you have questions and I'm so sorry we didn't address them before. Sarah and I wanted to be absolutely 100% sure of what was going to happen before we updated you on it.

So take a seat and read on. This is an exciting ride for us, so we hope it is for you too.

The obvious:

We have a problem with scheduling, programming, tallying and generally modding the comm. It's not because we don't love it, because disneyverse is our baby and we both ADORE it. But it's been a problem and you have all unfortunately, been on the receiving end of it.
We don't want this to happen anymore. And this won't be fixed by us coming up and posting everything that's behind or just tallying up points. That would get everything up to date but it wouldn't fix the actual problem.

We've decided to make a change.
A change in the way the community works as a whole, and therefore in the way that you experience it and make your way around it. And this will be for 2 things. First of all so that we can have a more structured schedule and so that we can get around to having stuff on time. But also so that you guys can have way more chances to play on the comm. To make your way around it, to find challenges that you know are more suited to your taste and stuff in general that appeals to you.

So here's the change: Inspired on Hogwarts is Home, we're splitting disneyverse up into 4 clubs. All clubs will still be a part of the main community and everything will still be posted here. You won't need membership or affiliation to be on the clubs, but the clubs will be a guide to what kinds of challenges you can participate in, and to what kinds will be more to your liking.

That being said, the 4 Disneyverse clubs are these:

The Graphics Club
Run by fancifull

Sarah will mod the Graphics Club. She will provide you with graphic related activities. Icons, wallpapers, headers, posters. Anything related to graphic making that you can do on the comm, will be posted on the Graphics Club.
This will give you a chance to be more active if graphic challenges are what you're most interested in.

The Games and Luck Club
Run by snorkack

Anj will run this club. It will have everything from fun games, quick challenges and luck games. This club will help you whenever you need quick challenges, stuff that you can participate in very easily and fast, and that won't take up much time. Anj is a dear friend to me and Sarah. Someone we know and trust and who we're sure will do her best to make the challenges fun and creative.

The Disney Fan Club
Run by snowweisz

And I present you with the Disney Fan Club. All those challenges I love, the ones where you need to know or investigate the Disney canon. Those that require you to really love and be passionate about Disney, will be in this club. They'll be especially for you if you love Disney and you're into investigating it and knowing it. And proving how much of a Disney nerd you are.

The Bingo Club

Bingo will keep happening every 2 weeks. With one of us 3 taking over each time. As usual, Bingo will be a chance for you to gather around and socialize and chat with everyone else in the comm. At the same time that you can get a bunch of points for your team!

Other changes

BONUS POINTS: You will get - at the end of the phase - a bonus every phase if you participate in ALL activities of at least 2 clubs. Your bonus will be of 100 points, and you'll only be eligible if you do every single activity 2 clubs come up with during the phase. You will also get a shiny tag banner at the end of the phase if you do this :)

MOD POINTS: Now that there are 3 of us, each one will be playing for a team. Anj will stay on Pixar, Sarah will go to Renaissance and I will play for Classics. With the previous system, there was only one team at a time that could get the benefit of a mod playing, but with the change, every team has the same chance.

SUGGESTION POINTS: We will open a special thread on the Page-a-Mod post for challenge suggestions. If we use your suggestion, you will receive bonus points for it too.

I really hope you guys like these changes and that you will forgive us for the unexpected and unexplained time off. We truly want the best for the comm, and we're sorry it took so long to figure out what that was.

As for phase 3, we will wrap it up within the week, so that phase 4 can begin (under the new system) the next weekend. Thank you for your love, consideration and hard work.

Anj, Sarah and Ana.

PS: Comments are screened. Comment with ANYTHING you want to say at all.
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