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In about 30 minutes, bingo will begin. You have until then to submit your card if you haven't already! You can grab your card here. Settle in and get ready to play!

Names are currently being called: 10 names every 5 minutes

Update #1: Barbie, Bo Peep, Captain Phoebus, Carterpillar, Christopher Robin, Cruella de Vil, Django, Dumbo, Elastigirl, Grandmother Willow, Jiminy Cricket, Lumiére, Robert Philip, Sheriff Woody, Snow White
Update #2: Anastasia Tremaine, Captain Gantu, Cleo, Dolly, Fa Zhou, Gepetto, Judge Claude Frollo, Katrina Van Tassel, Lightning McQueen, Milo Thatch, Mr Incredible, Nancy Tremaine, Pinocchio, Queen Narissa, Remy
Update #3: Alice, Bonnie, Fairy Godmother, Flo, Flounder, Genie, Gus, Iago, Jane Porter, Kevin, Luigi, The Queen (from Snow White), Tiger Lily, Trusty, White Rabbit
Update #4: Anton Ego, Arthur, Belle, Berlioz, Dinah, Ellie, Gill, Hercules, Jock, Lucifer the Cat, Madam Mim, Merlin, Nala, Tarzan, Tinker Bell
Update #5: Abu, Bobby, Bolt, Drizella Tremaine, Dug, Fauna, Lady, Li Shang, Lotso, Maid Marian, Mr Ray, Mr Smee, Professor Ratigan, Shere Khan, The Tramp
Update #6: Bashful, Basil, Chesire Cat, Figaro the Cat, Giselle, Kronk, Maleficent, Miss Bianca, P.J., Pegasus, Sarabi, The March Hare, The Prince (from Snow White), Tweedledee, Zeus
Update #7: Alfredo Linguini, Archimedes, Carl Fredricksen, Charlotte La Bouff, Chicken Little, Chip, Flora, Happy, Mufasa, Nani Pelekai, Nathaniel, Olivia Flaversham, Prince Charming, Rolly, Toby
Update #8: Baloo, Bubbles, Buzz Lightyear, Eeyore, Guido, Kanga, Kocoum, Lilo Pelekai, Morgan Phillip, Princess Aurora, Rabbit, Sneezy, The Carpenter, Tiana, Winnie the Pooh
Update #9: Dash Parr, Doc, Grumpy, Mrs Potato Head, Mushu, Pocahontas, Prince Naveen, Princess Jasmine, Princess 'Kida' Kidagakash, Pumbaa, Squirt, The King of Naboombu, The Walrus, Timon, Zazu
Update #10: Beast, Boo, Chef Louis, Dr Facilier, Ken, Mama Odie, Mater, Max, Mickey Mouse, Nana, Oliver, Peter Pan, Roxanne, Wendy Darling, Yzma
Update #11: Cinderella, Donald Duck, Emile, Fa Mulan, Percy, Prince John, Prince Phillip, Russell, Sebastian, Stacy
Update #12: Blue Fairy, Collette Tatou, Duchess, EVE, Emperor Kuzco, Jessie, Nemo, Pacha, Penny from The Rescuers, The Doormouse
Update #13: Auguste Gusteau, Captain James Hook, Chief Powhatan, Chien-Po, Mr Potato Head, Powerline, Prince Edward, The Dodo, WALL-E, Wiggins
Update #14: Grandmother Fa, Ichabod Crane, King Triton, Merryweather, Princess Ariel, Quasimodo, Rafiki, Simba, Sleepy, Tigger
Update #15: Aladdin, Bambi, Charles F. Muntz, Dr David Q Dawson, Gaston, M-O, Mad Hatter, Meeko, Mike Wazowski, Thumper
Update #16: Bernard, Cogsworth, Crush, Governor John Ratcliffe, Minnie Mouse, Mittens, Raja, Robin Hood, Scar, Violet Parr
Update #17: Captain John Smith, Edna Mode, Esmeralda, Jake, Little John, Medusa, Roquefort the Mouse, Skinner, The Queen of Hearts, Ursula

First Bingo: liiaarr (Team Classics)
Second Bingo: xmaidelx (Team Renaissance)
Third Bingo: princessatta (Team Pixar)
Fourth Bingo: nobodymove (Team Classics)
Fifth Bingo: naginis (Team Pixar)
Tags: bingo, phase three
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