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Fantasia 2020

Challenge: I've been watching Fantasia a lot because my niece adores it, and so I had this challenge idea: Come up with a piece and a story that you would put in a Fantasia feature! To pitch it, you need a pocket picspam of at least 6 images, a short description of 100 words minimum, and a link to the musical piece you would tell the story with. It can be with a familiar story, with known characters like The Sorcerer's Apprentice or Pomp and Circumstance, or with original characters like many of the other numbers. Your picspam doesn't need to have character pictures, you can also use pictures of what you would like to see or what emotions you would like to provoke.

Post your pitching on disney_castle

Points Info: 25 points per number. You can only pitch one number.

Due Date: February 9th @ 11:59 pm EST (time left)
Tags: challenge, phase three
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